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Bright Club is a variety night for lateral minds, where researchers become comedians for a night! Each event features academics from science, humanities, and social science talking about their work alongside professional comedians and musicians. Originally pioneered in the UK, Bright Club came to Ireland in 2015 with events in Dublin, Galway, Cork, and Athlone. With comedy, music and more besides, Bright Club is the only variety night where you’ll furrow your brow before laughing your face off.

Bright Club is supported by Science Foundation Ireland. It has been covered by RTÉ, The Irish Times, Newstalk, TodayFM, and Silicon Republic.

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Mathematics Is A Joke
This post was written by Dr. John Butler, frequent Bright Club contributor and lecturer in maths at TU Dublin. The first time I had the...
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Death and Humour (with Susan Messing)
People in this episode:  Dr Jessamyn Fairfield (host) Susan Messing (guest) Jessamyn  0:11   My grief counselor passed away last week. Fortunately, she did such...
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Statistics (with Dr. Nicole Beisiegel and Prof. Shane Jensen) People in this episode:  Dr Nicole Beisiegel (performer) Dr Jessamyn Fairfield (host) Dr Shane Jensen (guest) Nicole  0:07   Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm a...
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