We’re very happy to report the first academic paper about Bright Club Ireland, which was published over the holidays in Science Communication! As we say in our abstract:

Bright Club is a public engagement initiative bringing together research communication and the performing arts since its inception in London in 2009. Bright Club Ireland was established in Dublin in 2015, and the distinctive combination of science and comedy has made it a unique event in the field of public engagement. This commentary explores why Bright Club was created, how it functions, and catalogues how the lessons learned from Bright Club Ireland might prove useful to science communication professionals working in international transdisciplinary environments seeking to bring science and comedy together at public-facing events.

Joseph Roche, Jessamyn Fairfield, Áine Gallagher, and Laura Bell

You can read the full article here, which will be of interest to science communicators, public engagement professionals, and Bright Club aficionados alike. And we would be remiss not to mention that this work would not be possible without our sponsors: Science Foundation Ireland, the Community Knowledge Initiative, CÚRAM, AMBER, and the NUI Galway Research Office. Here’s to another year of great events and great impact in 2020!