We need your support to keep going. The best thing about Bright Club Ireland is our community of performers, academics, audience, and other supporters, and we are giving you the chance to be our funding partner for 2021. We’ve lost our main source of funding but we can still keep Bright Club going, with your help!

2020 was a tough year for live performance, across the globe. It isn’t clear when we can all pack into a pub again for a comedy show! But we moved to online events in April 2020, and actually ran seven live shows for free because things were so difficult, so unknown this spring. We still had funding then and we felt lucky, as we saw lots of other comedy and variety nights closing up shop for the foreseeable future.

Now we’re in the same boat. We want to keep running live events in 2021, online and in real venues when public health permits. And we want to keep ticket prices low, and keep paying our professional performers. But we can’t do it alone.

You can help! We’re asking you to share our crowdfunding campaign with the hashtag #ILoveBRIGHTCLUBBecause, and tell everybody what makes Bright Club special to you. You can use this graphic too:

If you’re able to donate to the campaign, there are some great perks! You can get a ticket to our first show in 2021, if the campaign is successful, or a printed Bright Club poster from our incredible gallery mailed to you. You can also commission a song about how great you are, or sign up for a personal science comedy masterclass from the one and only Steve Cross, the comedian and science communicator who founded Bright Club UK back in 2009.

We’ve worked hard over the past five years to bring you interesting ideas, to break down barriers between academia and the public, and to help bring you closer to the research you pay for, that is changing our society. Many thanks for all your support from the Bright Club Ireland team (Jessamyn, Kate, Luke & Denny).